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Spanish Learning Program exists to provide Spanish language training in a spiritual context to missionaries or Christian workerto serve overseas or to reach people in your community, we develop language skills in the missionary through a foundation of the grammar plus practical exercises in techniques of cross-cultural communication and relationships on the field. We have experienced teachers who love helping acquire the language skills they need the missionary for the continuing the ministry.

Our program is an excellent resource for missionaries who want to learn Spanish and communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking people.

Our main aim is to provide high quality Spanish language instruction and cross-cultural education in an atmosphere of respect for the individual. A secondary aim is to contribute to a greater understanding among people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

We are a group of professional Spanish teachers who have more than 22 years of experience teaching Spanish for foreigners of all nationality, ages and with different objectives to learn Spanish as a second language

Our courses include not only the Spanish language but also South American cultural awareness. We believe that it is important not only to teach you the Spanish language, but also to help you understand and acclimatize to South American life.

We want to open you the doors of a very quiet and safe place, like is Sucúa, a small town int he ecuadorian jungle to learn Spanish and opportunities to on serving and supporting others in their spiritual life and providing tangible assistance to many shuar indigenous communities located around Sucua.

Furthermore, Christian worker can combine the language study with other social activities such as teaching children in public schools, working in the farm, social work in Shuar communities, etc.

We has never stopped innovating and improving and it is for this reason that since 2017 we open our Online Spanish Classes to give another way learn Spanish to our students, using new tools and we never imagined that live online classes are a good option today.

Since 1991

Spanish Courses and Programs

Individual Spanish Classes

The course has the principal goal to do an integrated four-skills approach.

Group Spanish Classes

Conversations combined with grammar, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation.

Virtual Spanish Classes

Online Spanish Course offer a close contact with your teacher using new Internet tools

Missionary Program Sucua

Mission teams and / or school groups enjoy a perfect combination of learning, adventure and community service!

Prepare for your next missionary trip

Learn Spanish with Free Online Courses

Learn Spanish online you be able to do a lot of things, like: browse online, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for you, both professionally and personally. You will be able to find and apply for jobs online, make travel plans and make purchases online.
You will be able to meet people from all around the world and know them traditions and culture.
Also if your planning to travel, learn Spanish before your trip, it´s help you a lot in your first days in a new Spanish-speaking country, our online Spanish courses give you a real insight into both language and latinoamericana culture.
… and best of all, these courses are completely free!

Normally the weather is nice in Sucúa, during the day it can be quite hot. But due e are in the in the Amazonia, it is raining quite often. Sucúa is situated 900 m above sea level; in the nights is very confortable to relax.


Since Ecuador has a very nice and pleasant climate all the time it is worth to get visited throughout the entire year. During the months January to April we will find the warm rainy season on the coastal areas as well as on the Galapagos Islands which is the best time for snorkeling and beach vacations. During the other half of the year the water is a bit cooler. Since the climate in the mountains is very dry from June to August this time of the year is recommended tohiking and trekking

We recommend every student to get vaccinations for diphtheria, Hepatitis, Tetanus, Typhoid and yellow fever. If you are planning to work with animals, you also should get a rabies vaccination. But please contact your doctor before coming to Ecuador; he also can give you advice.
You must have the covid vaccine.

Citizens of most European countries, the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand (excluding Cook Islands and Niue) and Australia do not need a visa to visit Ecuador. On your arrival in the country you receive a so called tarjeta de turismo which allows you to stay for up to 90 days in Ecuador. This tourist card can be extended for another 90 days once you are in the country.

No, that’s no problem. All of our families have no problems preparing veggie food; some of them are even vegetarians themselves.

You can book the airport transfer in advance. We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodation 

You are free to choose the duration of your course. You can book from 1 or 2 weeks minimum up to half a year or even longer.

Learn Spanish and Travel

You can now take virtual classes, taught by the same teachers that teach in the school.

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Ecuador, most have university training in the disciplines of Literature, Language Teaching and other professions. They all have a passion for Spanish and a long experience in teaching Spanish. If you are a total beginner or already have a solid foundation in speaking Spanish, they will guide you so that you can learn Spanish easily or you can practice it by setting your own pace and progress


Diego Pesántez

CEO and Co-Founder

Soy Diego y llevo mas de 20 años en el mundo de la enseñanza del español a extranjeros de todas partes del mundo. Me encanta viajar y conocer nueva gente y culturas, esto me ha dado esta profesión. Me encanta poder hacer tu tiempo con nosotros mas fácil y divertido.


Martin Flueler

Co-Founder​ +

Nuestro querido amigo Martin que dejo en cada una de nuestras vidas la puntualidad, profesionalismo y seriedad suiza, cambio la vida de cada uno que tuvimos la suerte de ser su amigo.

Gracias y hasta siempre.

Learn Spanish in Sucua

Jimena Sanchez

Academic Director

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Adriana Ortiz

Spanish Teacher

❖ Spanish Teacher for
foreigners with more
than 20 years of
experience. I can help
with your Spanish
through Conversational

Maria Timbalombo

Spanish Teacher

❖ Spanish Teacher for
foreigners with more
than 20 years of
experience. I can help
with your Spanish
through Conversational

Adriana Ortiz

Spanish Teacher

❖ Spanish Teacher for
foreigners with more
than 20 years of
experience. I can help
with your Spanish
through Conversational

Ich und meine Freundin Nadia Garabal verbrachten eine Woche in Sucua. Wir waren begeistert von dieser autentischen, kleinen Stadt! Wir fühlten uns sehr schnell gut aufgehoben und wurden von allen Seiten mit offenen Armen empfangen. Diego, Jimena, die ganze Familie so wie Freunde besitzen eine herzensgute, offene und lustige Art, wie ich sie noch nirgends anders auf der Welt gesehen habe. Da Jimena und Diego mit uns ein „einfaches“ Spanisch gesprochen haben, war es uns, trotz unserem Anfängerlevel, unlaublich schnell möglich alle Konversationen nur noch in Spanisch zu führen. Dadurch lernten wir in kurzer Zeit sehr viel dazu! Durch diesen Aufenthalt waren wir danach fähig, uns ohne Probleme mit Spanisch durch das Leben zu schlagen. Neben den wunderschönen Ausflügen in die Natur, besuchten wir die Shuar, ein indigenes Volk, welches trotz teils Anpassung an die Zivilisation, ihre Bräuche pflegt, und einem so in eine Welt hinein führt, die man bei uns nicht kennt. Diego, ein begabter Koch, versorgte uns immer bestens, indem er uns jegliche Spezialitäten zeigte, die uns immer super schmeckten! ¡Que rico! Ich kann einen Aufenthalt hier jedem empfehlen, der das Leben von Ecuador richtig kennenlernen und nebenbei Spanisch lernen oder verbessern möchte! ¡Saludos de Suiza!
Joelle Schenkel
Muchas gracias para tu trabajo, tus esfuerzos y tus chistes. Yo necesito salir ahora, pero la Escuela siempre se quedará en mi memoria y espero que tu tampoco olvides que tienes un amigo en Suiza !
Beat Frauenfelder


J’ai d’abord à appris l’espagnol tout seul, par moi-même, mais lorsque j’ai commencé les cours Online par Skype avec Diego, j’ai tout de suite pu voir la différence ! Ces cours m’ont permis d’apprendre et de comprendre bien plus rapidement cette langue, car même si on n’est pas physiquement avec le professeur, les cours sont très diversifiés et dynamiques. L’école a vraiment trouvé une bonne méthode, en donnant des classes avec de la lecture, de l’écoute, de la théorie et surtout beaucoup d’échange, ce qui permet de parler énormément et de s’améliorer très rapidement. De plus, les différents supports d’exercices à disposition ainsi que la flexibilité de Diego permettent d’avancer à sa propre vitesse et d’avoir des cours à la fréquence désirée !
Arnaud Kolzer
Sabes ! Es algo interesante - yo fui aquí para aprender Español y en cambio o en adición, yo aprendí mucho mas sobre el espíritu de humanidad. Gracias Diego para este lección que no tiene precio. Este lección es inolvidable y voy a recordar por todo mi vida.
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Drusiano Solari


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