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The online course is designed for everyone; it is for begin, practice, improve your Spanish, we can start from the beginning or in your leveland continue your learning. The online course offers a clear and complete grammatical base adding exercises that cover the 4 basic language skills.

Online Spanish Course offers a close contact with your teacher via ZOOM, it is a simple application that allows text, voice and video communications through Internet.

You don’t need to know much about computers or technical things to use our online learning environment.

Your teacher uses an interactive and lively method of teaching based on learning through practice. We provide students different Spanish courses to meet the individual needs of each student. We focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening, the four foundational skills of Spanish language learning.

The distance, place or time doesn´t matter anymore. With our Online Spanish Course you can learn Spanish easily, or you can practice it by setting your own pace and progress.

All students start speaking Spanish from the very first day their Online Spanish course starts.


What do you need ?


How does it work ?

1. Please send us a email ( or fill in the form below to ask any questions about spanish lessons via zoom.

2. Before having the trial class (without cost) or start with the regular classes, we check that everything is working on the technical side, have a chat about your needs and we organize a flexible schedule that suits you best.

3. Take a trial class  (not necessary)

4. Right, you’re all set, let`s start with online classes …

Start date You choose! You can start your course on whichever day and date is most convenient for you. We are open all year, including weekends and holidays.

Number of students We recommend that your classes are one-to-one, at least during the earlier levels, so you get really personalised tuition. We find that students learn more quickly when they study at their own pace with the full attention of the teacher. However, there is the option if you prefer online group classes

Time a 2 or 4 hours-week, self-paced online Spanish course. Just it is depending you. You’re welcome to study how many hours, days, weeks you want, we have the right course for your level and time.

Course requirements No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary!   If you have some prior knowledge we will give you a placement test. This ensures you start at the right level for you .

Certificate At the end of the course you will receive a online certificate of completion stating which level you achieved.



  • Abecedario
  • Verbo Ser. Usos
  • Diferencia “Estar y Haber”
  • Frase
  • Diferencia Frase y Oración
  • Adjetivo Posesivo
  • Articulo, sustantivo, adjetivo
  • Pronombre Demostrativo
  • Pronombres Preposicionales
  • Pronombres Personales
  • Verbo “Estar” / Usos.
  • Palabras de pregunta
  • Verbos regulares en presente del Indicativo
  • Verbos irregulares en presente del Indicativo

At this level you’ll have your first contact with the Spanish language. From the first day you’ll learn to deal with everyday situations like shopping and eating out. You’ll be learn how to take part in simple conversations at home and in hotels, and you’ll learn how to greet and introduce people. The aim of this level is to give you the confidence to start communicating in Spanish and using some of the most common structures.

  • Diferencia entre “Tener y Tener que” / Expresiones
  • Contracciones
  • Verbos Recíprocos
  • Saber y Conocer
  • Futuro Perifrástico
  • Palabras indefinidas
  • Uso de los Artículos
  • Verbos Reflexivos. Cambios
  • Pronombres Posesivos
  • Verbos Modales
  • Verbos regulares en Pretérito Simple del Indicativo
  • Verbos irregulares en Pretérito Simple del Indicativo

Having completed this level, you will be able to use the present tense correctly, and also you will have begun to use the past simple (one of the most important and most used tenses). You will be becoming more fluent in simple conversations. You will increase your vocabulary, not only through studying everyday situations, but also through learning about news and current affairs.

  • Complementos
  • Verbos impersonales
  • Forma corta adjetivos
  • Conjunciones coordinantes
  • Diferencia entre el Pretérito Simple y el Imperfecto del Indicativo
  • Pretérito Imperfecto del Indicativo
  • Hacer impersonal
  • Por y Para
  • Diminutivo y Aumentativo
  • Adverbios
  • Números ordinales

On completion of this level, you will be able to give detailed descriptions using the past simple and past imperfect tenses – quite an achievement, as this is one of the most difficult areas in the Spanish language!

  • Ser impersonal y “estar de”
  • Modo Imperativo
  • Modo Condicional Simple
  • Comparativos
  • Usos de “Se”
  • Preposiciones
  • Pretéritos Perfecto y Pluscuamperfecto del Indicativo
  • Diferencia entre el Pretérito Simple y el Pretérito Perfecto del Indicativo
  • Futuro Simple del Indicativo

By the end of this level you will have covered 50% of the main areas of the Spanish language. You should now find you have no problems dealing with everyday actitivities such as using banks, shopping, family get-togethers and other social events. You’ll probably enjoy these situations even more, because you will be more fluent. You will also have increased your vocabulary and improved your writing and reading skills through the diverse topics you’ll have covered in class. At this level you will read interesting texts in each class.


Student´s testimonials

J’ai d’abord à appris l’espagnol tout seul, par moi-même, mais lorsque j’ai commencé les cours Online par Skype avec Diego, j’ai tout de suite pu voir la différence ! Ces cours m’ont permis d’apprendre et de comprendre bien plus rapidement cette langue, car même si on n’est pas physiquement avec le professeur, les cours sont très diversifiés et dynamiques. L’école a vraiment trouvé une bonne méthode, en donnant des classes avec de la lecture, de l’écoute, de la théorie et surtout beaucoup d’échange, ce qui permet de parler énormément et de s’améliorer très rapidement. De plus, les différents supports d’exercices à disposition ainsi que la flexibilité de Diego permettent d’avancer à sa propre vitesse et d’avoir des cours à la fréquence désirée ! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Arnaud Kolzer, Suisse 



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