The Sucua city, is the head cantonal of the Cantón Sucua, in the Provinve of Morona Santiago.

Sucua is located approximately 700m above sea level and has an extension of 1.279.22 km2, with 16.000 inhabitants between shuar and mestiza.

The origin of the name of Sucua is due to the abundance of a plant nettle (urticacia) that the Shuar called SUKU and for phonetic and grammatical issues by staying under the name of Sucua.

Sucua limited to North and East with the Cantón Morona, to South to the Logroño and Santiago, in the West with the Sangay National Park.

Sucua’s climate is tropical-humid, with an average temperature of 22 degrees.

There is a numberless of touristuc places, taking the base of the Shuar people, lots of waterfalls, its abundant flora and fauna known and a lot more to discover. And always it is taken into account as a major attraction to the Sangay National Park that 70% of the it is located in the province of Morona Santiago.

Smells, colors, flavors, textures, beliefs, are part of the gastronomic offer of the Amazon.

Among the delicious dishes of the region we have:

> Caldo de Caracha(carachama); The carachama is a fish that inhabits in the rivers, is considered the link between the prehistoric fish and the fish today. This dish is a traditional part of the Amazon culture, the preparation began in the indigenous communities with a very simple preparation, the settlers have put more specias to this dish.

Ceviche of Snaill; The snail is being grown in several sectors of the region due to the high demand.

Ayampaco chicken; ayampaco de polloThe ayampaco is a traditional preparation that has been choosen like the main dish of the province of Morona Santiago. This dish has become a product of cultural integration.

> Papachina to huancaina; papachina it is a tuberculo similar to the normal potatoe, it belongs to the same family, this dish is typical of Sucua.

> Muchin of Yuca; the yuca is one of the major food here in the Amazon, the snacks can be served with strong dishes, a good coffee, or eat alone.
> Pincho of Chontacuro;chontacuro is the larva of a beetle that grows on the palms that have been cut, they are very desired by its aroma and taste, it also has medicinal properties.

There are a variety of beverages, such as:
> Chicha of Yuca; this beverage is prepared by the Amazonian communities many, many years ago and we don’t have any register of it.

In ancient times, the yuca was chewed by women to obtain this preparation. Nowadays, the preparation is in a different way, although in some communities the tradition is keept.

> Agua of Guayusa; in the Amazon grow more than 10 species of guayusa, is attributed medicinal and healing properties.
> Sinchicara; is a stronger drink, is also a medicinal drink to be used for curing rheumatism, arthritis, rhinitis, and is considered an aphrodisiac drink.

Mapa Turistico Sucua
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