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This course is for those of you who have a limited amount of time to study Spanish. This course won’t leave you fluent in Spanish, but will equip you with the language and confidence you need for your travels in Latin America, as well as a general understanding of Ecuadorian culture.

Students usually start as beginners and reach basic level by the end the course. The course lasts 40 hours and we recommend four hours study per day ( 9am – 1pm). Within this four hours we include an optional break – you will need a little time to recharge your mental batreries, have a coffee, chat with other students, and enjoy the sun!

Start date You chose! You can start your course on whichever day and date is most convenient for you. We are open all year, including weekends and holidays.

Number of students We recommend that your classes are one-to-one, at least during the earlier levels, so you get really personalised tuition. We find that students learn more quickly when they study at their own pace with the full attention of the teacher.

However, if you have a friend of the same level (this is crucial!) and you want to study together, this is possible. Bear in mind that if there is more than one student, the course will take longer to complete.

Duration The course lasts 40 hours in total (one-to-one), that’s two weeks of four hours study daily.

Course requirements No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary!   If you have some prior knowledge we will give you a placement test. This ensures you start at the right level for you . We sorry that we can’t take students of younger than 16.

Certificates At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion stating which level you achieved (usually basic). These certificates are validated by the Ministry of Education, Ecuador.

Levels You will study to a basic level, starting as a beginner if necessary.

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