Spanish Learning Program

Welcome to Spanish Learning Program. We offer Spanish classes for
children and adults. Today's society is becoming more  international in
nature, knowing how to say at least a few words in another language
becomes increasingly useful. We would like to emphasize the following
points, knowing that children are the most receptive language learners:
  • Children who begin studying a foreign language at an early age
    develop natural pronunciation, are less inhibited, and benefit
    immeasurably from the educational enrichment.
  • We teach the importance of understanding other cultures in a fun,
    active and natural way and hope that the children’s first exposure
    to another language will  result in positive attitude toward learning
    languages and experiencing cultures, and will instill in them a
    strong desire to learn more.
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Why is Spanish language important?
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world (after English).
It is the first language in 21 countries. The United States is the fifth country
in the world by the number of Spanish speaking people (after Mexico,
Spain, Columbia and Argentina). The US has a lot of business and
cultural ties with Spanish speaking countries in Central and South
America. Knowing to speak Spanish will be an important asset when
looking for better employment opportunities. Many Spanish speaking
countries are popular tourist destinations. You'll feel much better in those
countries even if you only speak and understand some basic Spanish.